Academic institutes can streamline their admission pipeline, validate students, monitor their performance and enable their institution to acquire a high degree of distinction among peers. LetsCareerUp (LCU) is a solution journey designed to help you, the educational institution, to craft an intelligent link between your students and their potential employers. With LCU, enable your students to acquire that crucial extra edge over competition and achieve unparalleled levels of excellence in your pedagogic goals. It empowers you to streamline your admission pipeline, validate your students, monitor their performance and enable your institution to acquire a high degree of distinction among peers.
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By registering, you acknowledge the following:
  • You are an authorized official, representing your organisation to submit this registration form.
  • You are authorized to nominate one user for LetsCareerUp as a Super Admin, being fully aware that the LetsCareerUp Super Admin can perform critical LetsCareerUp functions, including but not limited to, Verification of Students.
  • Upon successful registration, you will be redirected to the payment gateway towards due diligence fee along with the initial application setup.
  • You hereby consent that Lets Corp India Private Limited can, through its appointed independent background screening vendors, independently verify the details provided by you, including but not limited to checking the authority of the Authorized Person, and other standard due-diligence process associated with your institutions on-boarding.

Due diligence fee is waved off for the schools registered under LetsCareerUp Transformation Programme (LTPS)