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Hi, We found 29 relevant occupations of your interest (Business & Management)


Broadly, a business managers role involves driving various teams and departments to run an efficient business. S/he has a sound knowledge of various functional areas in a business like marketing, sales, operations, statistics, research, public relations, finance, accounting, human resource management, etc.

Corporate Executive

Corporate executives hold the top positions in any company. A corporate executive could be the chief executive officer (CEO), the chief financial officer (CFO), chief technology or chief information officer (CTO or CIO), the chief operating officer (COO), the treasurer, the topmost person in marketing or sales, legal, human resources, etc. They direct the...

Investment Banker

An investment banker provides specialized financial services to a client, who may be a government entity, or industrial or commercial organization. His/her role involves advising on top most corporate matters such as stock exchange quotations, mergers and acquisitions, foreign exchange transactions, loans, investment management, value optimization, etc.

Office Management

An office manager takes charge of various activities and resources of an office for smooth running of business operations. Depending on the sector the company works in an office manager manages various administrative tasks and activities of office employees, like office resources and budgets, people, security, support staff, etc.

Sales Manager

A sales manager is responsible for setting sales goals for a sales team and directing them to achieve targets, developing tools and training programmes to boost performance of team members, and overseeing all sales operations, including maintaining contact with dealers and distributors. The main goal for any sales manager is to maximise profits from the...

Stall and Market Salespersons

A retail salesperson refers to a person who sells retail merchandise like apparel, footwear, automobiles, and electronics or sells equipment parts of a product like car or mobile accessories, etc. They help customers find the product they require and also assist them through the payment process.

Medical Sales Representative

A pharmaceutical or medical sales representative sells medicines, prescription drugs and medical equipment (medical, dental or veterinary) to healthcare providers like doctors, pharmacists, diagnostic laboratories and hospitals.

Accounting / Audit / Cashier / Teller

A cashier manages payments for goods and services from customers at a retail establishment other than a financial organisation. His/her work involves using electronic scanners, managing cash registers, and processing debit or credit card transactions for customers. A cashier works in retail and hospitality outlets like restaurants, department stores,...


An auctioneer conducts auctions, public or private, to sell products or property that is handed over by the owner or taken over by an authority, and put for sale for those who offer the highest price.

Bank Manager

A bank employee working in a bank branch assists clients with various banking tasks like depositing money, bank cheques, accepting credit card payments, providing foreign exchange, assisting with loans and insurance policies of the bank, etc. A banker records every task and transaction handled for the day.
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