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Hi, We found 29 relevant occupations of your interest (Social Services, Sports & Others)

Athletes, Sports Persons and Related Associate Professionals

Professionals associated with sports other than athletes and sportspersons include coaches, trainers, physiotherapists, umpires and referees. The role ranges from detecting sporting talent in the community or sporting league, training and building the capabilities of budding athletes, maintaining requisite fitness levels of the athlete, to ensuring that the...


: Foresters are individuals who manage forest lands and its resources. They monitor the compliance of forest activities with government regulations. Foresters supervise tree planting, timber harvesting and the ecological restoration of sensitive forest lands. They are also involved in conducting research related to tree improvement, wildlife habitats, water...


A librarian helps people find books, articles and other information for personal and professional use and is also responsible for research, cataloguing, and maintenance of records and other library services.

Personnel / HR Manager

A personnel or human resources (HR) manager is responsible for planning, overseeing, directing and coordinating various administrative functions involving the employees and top executives of an organisation.


A secretary provides support in form of clerical, administrative or secretarial tasks to managers or professionals in the field of law, medicine, etc.

Senior Officials of Special- Interest Organisations/NGO

A Special Interest Group (SIG) is a forum or community within a bigger organisation, which focuses on one area of learning, technology or interest. The best professionals of that industry share knowledge and discuss issues through conferences, workshops and other events. The senior officials of an SIG formulate and implement the groups policies.

Stall and Market Salespersons

A retail salesperson refers to a person who sells retail merchandise like apparel, footwear, automobiles, and electronics or sells equipment parts of a product like car or mobile accessories, etc. They help customers find the product they require and also assist them through the payment process.

Logistic Manager / Office Admin Manager

Logistics Managers manage the movement of goods and material from the manufacturers to suppliers and finally to the consumers. Their job involves efficient storage, quick transportation and safe delivery of goods. It includes organizing schedules and routes, handling and warehousing of goods, ensuring safety of transit and meeting legal requirements. A...

Archivists, Librarians and Related Information Professionals

Information professionals like archivists, librarians and others are responsible for creating and maintaining collections of a library, museum, art gallery, archive and related establishments.

Protective Services Personnel

Apart from police force personnel, there are other professionals too who provide protective and security services to citizens, organisations and government bodies in both normal and crisis situations.
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