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Hi, We found 6 relevant occupations of your interest (Law & Legal Services)

Para Legal

A Paralegal carries out a range of legal duties, often assisting a lawyer in various administrative and legal secretarial tasks, ranging from obtaining legal information from clients, filing and processing records, to conducting research on legal topics. S/he may be the first line of contact with new clients, giving them an overview of how the case shall...


A lawyer or attorney counsels an individual, business or government organization on disputes and legal issues and represents them in front of the judiciary. The role of a lawyer could be as an advocate (representing client in court) and advisor (providing counsel).

Corporate Lawyer

A corporate lawyer is employed with almost every organisation to ensure the different legal aspects of a commercial transaction. S/he is an expert on government laws and regulations and can guide a company to achieve its commercial goals within the law.

Criminal Lawyer

Criminal lawyers defend or prosecute individuals or organisations that have been charged with a crime. The criminal cases handled by a criminal lawyer can be diverse, ranging from violence, drug crime, domestic violence, to murder, fraud, embezzlement and sex crimes, as determined by the Indian Penal Code.


Criminology is a functional area of sociology that studies crimes their causes, effects and impact on society. A criminologist plays a crucial role in understanding a crime by analyzing data, predicting or preventing similar incidents in the future.

Cyber Lawyer

Certain laws known as cyber laws govern the virtual world of Internet or cyberspace. There are laws that are applicable universally, though most countries also have their own set of cyber laws. A cyber lawyer specializes in dealing with violations of these cyber laws, which could include hacking, online financial fraud, sex crimes, copyright issues, etc.