Career Discovery Test (College Students)
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CDT is based on the objective measurement of individual’s skills and knowledge, innate abilities, values systems, motivation, personality traits, and educational achievements. Most importantly it is based on the study of individual responses using proven methods, theories and techniques. An extension of scientific mapping on those techniques is deployed through an intelligent algorithm researched over two decades to generate this report.

Upon taking the assessment, the lite version of your personalized Career Discovery Test Report (CDT) will be a simple abridged report with limited details offering you the best match with only one Occupation, based on the results of your individual assessment. This abridged and limited version of your report comes with an additional feature called Assessment Based Career Predictive Analysis (CPA)

Assessment Based CPA: This feature explicitly suggests academic courses that a candidate should pursue in future to fulfil the occupation being suggested by the system based on a detailed evaluation of the assessments taken by the candidate. Once the candidate has completed a Career Guidance Assessment on LetsCareerUp, the CPA takes into account the specific results and occupations and shows the academic paths that are needed to qualify for the recommended occupations

Note: This Product is offered FREE for students who are on-boarded by their colleges.