Career Guidence Employability Assessmnet (CGEA)
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Career Guidance and Employability Assessment(CGEA) Is the first formal step in exploring and discovering yourself to locate skill gaps and competency developmental areas while helping you identify the most suitable career options.

It also throws light on your interest, various innate qualities, competencies and aptitude, establishing a solid starting point for you to be able to make crucial career decisions while following a transformational journey.

CGEA is devised with an aim to provide employers with a reliable method of selecting the most suitable job applicants or candidates. It provides a potential employer with a comprehensive insight into how well you work with other people, how well you can organize your work, and whether you will be able to cope with the intellectual demands of the job.

The CGEA can be categorized into four main sections:

  • Determination Quotient
  • Performance Quotient
  • Professional Quotient
  • Persona Quotient