Career Guidance Assessment (CGA )
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CGA is based on the objective measurement of individual’s skills and knowledge, innate abilities, values systems, motivation, personality traits, and educational achievements. Most importantly it is based on the study of individual responses using proven methods, theories and techniques. An extension of scientific mapping on those techniques is deployed through an intelligent algorithm researched over two decades.

This unabridged version of the report shows all the details of your assessment results with the associated analysis and guidance. Your personalized Career Guidance Assessment Report (CGAR) will offer you the best match of career options with a list of possible occupations. It will also provide you with Two (2) alternative choices associated with your interest areas. CGA and the associated Career Predictive Analysis will follow to help you make an informed career choice that can lead to success. It will guide you through the process of choosing the right career from a variety of occupations. Your Assessment based CPA will note your final choices/recommendations as per your CGA Report and guide you through the selection of academic courses and subjects to study that will lead you to the achievement of these careers. As an offer, when a candidate subscribes for CGA, you are also given an additional feature called Career Predictive Analysis (CPA) which is broadly classified into two categories.

Generic CPA is a feature that basically suggests future academic courses that a candidate can pursue based on the current profile. Also a student can explore career occupational opportunities that exist at every instant of time based on the level of qualification that a candidate has chosen to pursue. Generic CPA enables browsing through different academic and occupational paths to explore various career options.

Assessment Based CPA is a feature that explicitly suggests courses what a candidate should pursue in future to fulfil the career occupational dreams being suggested by the system based on a detailed evaluation of the assessments taken by considering their Preference Quotient, Power Quotient & Persona Quotient.